the future

of football

First equity firm focused exclusively on launching a
new era in the relationship between the Sports
and the Finance industry

We discover, develop and provide stewardship to talent that has the potential to transform Clubs and Competitions.
our values
Because we believe in focus and only invest in talent: we believe that talent should lead the way
Don’t wait for opportunity, find it
Through our best-in-class global partners, we are constantly searching for unique, unpolished talent
Long-term Vision
Because outstanding careers don’t hatch overnight
Capital Control
Capital is within our control. Strategic decisions are made in coordination with our industry partners and implemented in a timely manner
our method

e aim to connect players, clubs, agents and investors in the football ecosystem. We have built a network of experts including technical and executive talent; All Iron Sports uses this network as part of our commitment to help our players grow their careers, so our operating teams provide our talent with access to expertise and insights across the entire spectrum of their careers.

We offer our partners, football teams and professionals the freedom to grow, develop and compete supported by finance that is flexible and most importantly, fair. We create long-term sustainable growth for our players, thereby producing superb, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

our numbers
Players under our partners' management
Markets covered, featuring top global leagues and competitions
In transfer fees paid for players in our ecosystem
Experienced professionals working to maximize our players' careers